McKinley Student Council is a group of student leaders who collaborate with teachers, students, and their community members to impact their school, which can impact their city or town, which impacts our state, which impacts our country, which changes the world! 

During the 2024-2025 school year the Student Council has:
Sponsored and organized a blood drive where 40 donors donated, which improved the lives of over 100 people!  
They sold over 1,400 Kindness Grams to our students. Members decided they wanted to use this money to buy playground equipment for the whole school and a cart to keep it all organized. 
Student Council members also created and promoted Spirit Days, helped with a food drive and organized a week of Kindness Missions.

All of our members are wonderful role models and ambassadors for McKinley Elementary. They work hard and show kindness each day, in every way! 

Student Council Supervisors
Val Seath

Paige Gilligan